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St Patrick's Day 2011
17 - March is a Thursday this year.

Early Thanksgiving 2011
Kelleen's and David's House in Gilbert AZ the weekend of
5-17 April.

Annual Halloween Party 2011
Halloween party on Saturday 22-October... Alice In Wonderland...(Sean & Linda Style - Ref: American McGee's Alice)

Christmas 2011
Sean and Linda will be home. Anyone who wants to come visit is welcome.

New Years 2012
No plans yet...

O'Donnell Family Crest

O'Donnell Crest

"Under this sign you shall conquer"

I hate sites that play music you do not want to hear every time you load them... So you get to control whether you want to hear the music or not... Press play to hear music on any page.

This is the home page for Sean O'Donnell to keep track of the O'Donnell family from his point of view. As this site grows you will be able to find family pictures, family trees and links to other family members as well as the stuff I find interesting and relevant to me and my family.